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sunflower fields

Florida is known for its beaches, but the state has plenty of inland delights as well. Our real estate agents love the breathtaking sunflower fields that are conveniently located close by in every direction.

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Florida BBQ

BBQ may be popular from coast to coast, but this beloved cuisine is embedded in the DNA of the South as one of Florida's famous foods. When our real estate agents are craving BBQ, slow-cooked meats and tangy sauces are just minutes away at these top restaurants.

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Not all oysters contain pearls, but the delicate, flavorful meat hidden inside the shell is just as desirable. And when you call Florida your home state, you've got access to plenty of places to check out this seafood delicacy. We satisfy our cravings for one of Florida's famous foods at these favorite seafood restaurants. 

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Bubble Tea Florida

Have you tried the latest tea trend that's sweeping Central Florida? Bubble tea was first created in Taiwan, where it's known as boba tea, and it's a sweet, refreshing tea with a texture unlike any tea drink. That's because of the sweet, chewy tapioca balls, called boba, which give the drink both its name and its fascinating flavor. Whether you're brand new to bubble tea or you already have a favorite flavor, there's a local tea shop that's ready to serve you. We've got the delicious details in our guide to five of the best places to enjoy bubble tea around Central Florida.

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Clermont, FL lies just close enough to Orlando that residents can easily travel to the big city to enjoy the Big O's many attractions. But while Clermont may not have the towering rollercoasters, it more than stands on its own with a range of delicious local eateries that you just have to try. Consider this Clermont, FL's food bucket list – the must-visit dining spots with the tastiest dishes the city has to offer.

The Friar Tuck

Get a taste of England when you dine at The Friar Tuck, one of Clermont's finest British-styled restaurants (yes, there is more than one)! The menu is packed full of staples of British cuisine, like a full English breakfast, Cornish pastries, sticky toffee pudding, and of course, fish and chips. Or you can stop in for a classic cup of tea and a plate of crumpets.

Clermont Fish House

The name may conjure up visions of a seafood market, make no mistake: Clermont Fish House is a very accurate recreation of a classic British pub. From the aesthetics to the food, Clermont Fish House aims to make you feel like you just stumbled in from the moors seeking a hot dish. And they deliver on every front. From iconic dishes like fish and chips and bangers and mash to sandwiches and meat pies, the menu is full of delicious options you won't regret.

Sarah Greek Cuisine & More

Countless Clermont residents visit this cozy spot when they're craving Greek food, and you'd be wise to follow suit. A classic family restaurant, Sarah Greek Cuisine & More channels its familial love into dishes that stay true to their Greek roots. Everything on the menu hits, but trust the countless reviews which cite the lamb kebabs as among the best they've ever tasted. The best kebabs in Clermont? You be the judge.

Uncle Kenny's BBQ

Since 2004, Uncle Kenny's BBQ has been serving up mouth-watering barbecue to Clermont diners. Uncle Kenny's aces all the classics, from ribs to pulled pork, but that doesn't stop the local restaurant from experimenting. Try their spin on Nashville hot chicken or pork egg rolls if you need proof. How do you know Uncle Kenny's is good? Since 2007, the restaurant has entered and earned impressive honors from dozens of sanctioned barbecue competitions.

The Crooked Spoon

New Jersey-native chef Steve Saelg draws on his love for the artistry of cooking to create the menu at Clermont's The Crooked Spoon. Artistry is really the operative word to describe this gastropub's menu offerings. Consider the classic chicken and waffles dish, here breaded with a coconut batter and spiced with garam masala. Or the cocoa and coffee burger, featuring a patty crusted with the aforementioned ingredients and topped with a raspberry chipotle BBQ sauce. These examples merely scratch the surface of what you'll find at The Crooked Spoon, so it's honestly best if you just eat there yourself.

Root & Branch

The exterior of Root & Branch doesn't prepare you for the dining experience that awaits. Despite looking more like an accountant's building on the outside, Root & Branch delivers experimental takes on southern favorites, like sweet-tea-brined fried chicken and fried Brussel sprouts glazed with an apple cider gastrique. Whether you live in Clermont or are just visiting, make it a point to order from Root & Branch.

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