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Do you know where the first people to walk on the moon last set foot before they left Earth? The answer is Florida's Space Coast, of course! The Space Coast has been a center of innovation, industry, and remarkable achievements for more than 60 years. It's where some of the most famous space missions in history were launched, and it remains one of the most interesting places in the entire country. Our real estate agents have the fascinating details on the history behind Florida's Space Coast and how it has developed into such an amazing place to call home.

The History Behind Florida's Space Coast

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You may not immediately think of Vero Beach as a pizza haven, but maybe you should. When you're craving a slice, here's where to go for the best pizza in Vero Beach, FL.

Nino's Italian Food

First up is one Vero Beach's highest-rated pizza spots. Nino's has three restaurants, two of which are in Vero Beach – Nino's Café and Nino's Corner – but no matter which you dine at, you'll be treated to some of the city's tastiest 'za. The BBQ pizza gets rave reviews, but don't miss out on Croce's Favorite with pesto sauce, sundried tomatoes, sautéed spinach, and grilled eggplant.

South Beach Pizzeria

Pair two objectively amazing things – the beach and pizza – with a trip to South Beach Pizzeria. Head across the street after fun in the sand and surf and grab a slice of South Beach's unique specialty pizzas like Mushroom Swiss Burger, Cheesesteak, and Chicken Parmesan. Or you can build your own from a list of toppings.

Davila's Pizza

Davila's is a local favorite for its tasty pies made with fresh ingredients, cheerful service, and menu variety. All the typical pizza partners are here; wings, sandwiches, calzones, pasta dishes, and more fill out the menu at Davila's. But make no mistake, the pizza is the star of the show here with a roster of specialty pizzas that are sure to make your mouth water.

Pizza Mia

Also making their bid for best pizza in Vero Beach, FL is Pizza Mia, a family restaurant stepped in tradition. The art of cooking has run in the family behind Pizza Mia for some 200 years, resulting in some of the city's tastiest pies around. Want a bite of history? Try a slice of the Grandma. Thin crust topped with heaps of mozzarella and San Marzano tomato sauce and garnished with fresh basil create an old-world flavor like no other.

Vincent's Ristorante E Pizzeria

Family-owned and operated since 1978, Vincent's offers classic pizza and Italian favorites like Bolognese and eggplant parmesan. This beloved local pizzeria may have blossomed into one of Vero's most popular Italian restaurants, but Vincent's expansion hasn't turned its pizza into an afterthought. Rather, house specialties like the Alfredo pizza or Caprese pizza still explode with as much robust flavor as they did 40 years ago.

Cap's Pizza

Cap's is a no-frills, authentic pizza joint. Within this unassuming storefront lies a pizzeria that hearkens back to the days of classic pizza parlors, wood paneling, Pac-Man machines, and all. Cap's doesn't need fancy décor or hip menu items to argue its status as best pizza in Vero Beach, FL; peep the 'za for all the proof you need. Crusty yet plump dough, bubbly cheese, and flavorful toppings populate every pie at Cap's.

Station 49 Pizza

Station 49's wood-fire oven produces some of the tastiest pizza in the city. Each pizza comes out the oven with crispy crust and decadent flavor imparted by the unique cooking method. It's also the perfect place to visit when you're craving a meatless pizza, as items like The Garden Pie with broccoli, spinach, mushroom, tomato, red onion, and peppers satisfy cravings without any meaty toppings.

Italian Kitchen

Located in the heart of historic downtown Vero Beach, Italian Kitchen features a menu packed with classic Italian dishes and, of course, delicious pizza. Order by the slice for a quick lunch during your downtown excursions or cap off a fun-filled day with a whole pizza hot from the oven. No matter how you choose to dine at Italian Kitchen, you'll never leave hungry.


For parents trying to work off all those holiday dinners and desserts in the new year, gyms with childcare are a gift from the heavens. Just accomplishing basic tasks while tending to your children can feel impossible; getting a good workout in? Forget about it. Thankfully, plenty of gyms nowadays include some form of childcare in their membership packages. We had countless frantic parents who just want to get healthy in mind when we compiled this list of gyms with childcare in and around Melbourne, Florida.

Pro-Health & Fitness Melbourne

This massive facility offers a bevy of options for the fitness-minded. You'll find strength training, group aerobics, swimming lessons, personal training, wellness programs, and so much more stretched across Pro-Health & Fitness Melbourne's 50,000 square feet. They offer childcare (dubbed KidFit) seven days a week supervised by trained, certified attendants.

LA Fitness

A stalwart in the gym industry, LA Fitness is known for its large assortment of free weights, machines, and many other outlets for exercise. And while you get a workout in, your children will have fun in Kids Klub, an exciting childcare service staffed by qualified professionals.

Empower Fitness

Empower Fitness offers a unique take on getting fit and healthy: This women's only club believes in women empowering women to get healthy, strong, and find balance in their lives. Getting fit at Empower is easy with a variety of different classes ranging from high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to Zumba®. No matter how you choose to get fit, your children will have a supervised kids' corner to hang out in that's free of charge for all members.

Studio 321 Fitness and Dance

Believe it or not, Studio 321 Fitness and Dance is a part of Florida history. For a time it was the only authorized Zumba® studio in the state of Florida! It may no longer hold that honor, but it's still a world-class facility offering Zumba®, yoga, Pilates, and much more. Childcare is available, and children ages 8 and up are even encouraged to join you in your workout.

Elite Fitness Centers

Whether you're looking to pump some iron on your own or get one-on-one personal training, Elite Fitness Centers has you covered. The team at Elite Fitness Centers is dedicated to one thing: helping each of its members discover their true potential and reach their goals. All members gain access to supervised childcare.

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