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sunflower fields

Florida is known for its beaches, but the state has plenty of inland delights as well. Our real estate agents love the breathtaking sunflower fields that are conveniently located close by in every direction.

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Hiking Trails

Florida's Space Coast is known for its beautiful views of the ocean and beaches. You can stop to admire water birds, mangrove trees, sea turtles, and various other creatures. One of the best ways to see the Space Coast is by hiking. Luckily, there is no shortage of hiking trails for every skill level. Here are a few of the top trails our real estate agents recommend exploring.

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Reading Spots

Summer in Central Florida is ideal for outdoor activities, and sometimes that means bringing along your latest read. When our real estate agents want to unwind, they grab a good book and head to these wonderful reading spots throughout Central Florida. 

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Florida Butterfly Garden

Butterflies are such magnificent creatures. If you would like to see more of them, planting a butterfly garden in your backyard is a great idea.

One of the many perks of homeownership is getting to customize your home and property. That includes a delightful garden if you have a green thumb! 

Our real estate agents have seen many gorgeous butterfly gardens locally. Here in Florida, you do have to select your flowers carefully. You want flowers that attract butterflies, but ones that also thrive in the hot summer sun. Attract butterflies to your garden with these plants. 

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Do you love exploring the diverse, unique natural beauty that you can only find in Florida? This is the perfect time of year to plan your next hiking trip on the Florida Trail, which stretches for more than 1,500 miles from the Gulf Islands National Seashore to the Big Cypress National Preserve. The Northern Region of the trail is the perfect place to start your next adventure. We've got all the exciting details on what you'll find on the Northern Region of the Florida Trail.

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Splash Pads

Summer is here, and there are few things that kids love more than spending a hot day cooling off at the local splash pad. From the piers near St. Augustine to the parks of Green Cove Springs, there are plenty of local splash pads throughout Northeast Florida that the kids will enjoy. Many of the region's best splash pads are also part of larger attractions, making it easy to plan a full day of family fun. We've got the details on five Northeast Florida splash pads where you can plan a fun family outing this summer.

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Dog-Friendly Beaches

Does your dog cast longing looks when the two of you pass by the ocean or a lake? Make your precious pet's beachfront dreams come true. We've got the scoop on the best dog-friendly beaches along Florida's East Coast. 

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Marion County

As you travel through Central Florida and wind your way through Marion County, you will eventually find yourself in the city of Ocala. While the area has many charms, you'll also notice that there's something slightly different about this corner of Florida. That's because Marion County is known as the Horse Capital of the World, with an expansive collection of thoroughbred farms and equestrian facilities that you simply won't find anywhere else. Our real estate agents have all the details on why this part of Florida is truly an equestrian paradise.

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Father's Day is the one day a year that dads get to do exactly what they want, no questions asked. So, hey, if your dad wants to spend his day planted in his favorite recliner, who are we to intervene? But if you're looking to get a little more adventurous, Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island offer plenty of ways to get in touch with nature. Treat your dad to some of the best outdoor activities in Fernandina Beach, FL this Father's Day.

Take a Hike

The glistening waters of Fernandina Beach are an obvious attraction, and we'll get to those in a bit. But first: how about a stroll along some of Northeast Florida's prettiest trails? There's Big Pine Trail, the southernmost trail on Big Talbot Island, which takes you on a 0.8-mile journey through a slash pine forest.

Or there's Fort Clinch State Park, where you can bike on the trails along a slender peninsula. The titular Fort Clinch and its astonishing brick facades make for a must-see attraction for architecture buffs, as well. These are just a couple of the trails available in the greater Fernandina Beach area, but rest assured they're all just as exciting as these two.

Saddle Up

Somehow, dads and cowboy fantasies just go well together, don't they? Help your dad fulfill at least a part of that fantasy with a horseback ride in Fernandina Beach (six-shooter and cowboy hat not included)! Companies like Amelia Island Horseback Riding and Kelly Seahorse Ranch offer you the chance to mount up on a noble steed and ride out into the sunset. While these rides are all beachside, they still provide a deep connection between man and animal that's hard to beat for a fun Father's Day activity.

Hit the Water

The waters of Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island are perfect destinations for a Father's Day escape, and there are lots of ways to enjoy them. You can rent a kayak from spots like Amelia Island Kayak Excursions and Kayak Amelia and explore on your own or take part in one of their guided tours to get a true lay of the land. Or how about a stand-up paddleboarding lesson from Amelia Island Paddle Surf Company?

If your dad prefers a little more aquatic horsepower, you can rent jet skis from First Coast Jets Watersports; 150-horsepower boats from Amelia Island Boat Club; or take a tour on your own two-person catamaran throughout popular locations with Backwater Cat Adventure. Amelia River Cruises offers popular river cruise tours around Amelia Island and Cumberland Island. Or if dad is feeling adventurous, sign up for sailing lessons with the experts at Windward Sailing.

Go Fish

Doesn't fishing feel like a very dad activity? If your dad's idea of a perfect day is hitting the water with little more than a rod and some bait, Fernandina Beach has plenty of fishing charters to help him achieve nirvana. Amelia Island Charters and Semper Fi Charters specialize in inshore excursions, while charters like Ye Ole Pirate and Fish Amelia Island offer adrenaline-pumping offshore fishing adventures. You can even take dad on a great backwater fishing trip with Angler's Mark.

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