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As we alluded to in our post about selling your home in winter, spring is widely considered to be the best time to sell your house. That holds firm even as we weather the Coronavirus outbreak. In fact, digital adaptations like virtual tours and contact-less appointments have made it easier to safely sell your home during this time. Beyond that, a combination of factors makes that window of time from late March to early June such a perfect time to sell, and our brokers are here to explain why. Here's why you should sell your home in spring.

Nature Boosts Curb Appeal

After wilting during the cold winter months, nature comes alive in spring. Beautiful flowers blossom, trees become full with leaves again, and grass shimmers brightly in the sun. Your yard returns to its pre-winter glory and your garden blooms once again, instantly boosting your curb appeal in a way that even virtual tours can brilliantly display. "Grass turns from brown to green, and cold dreary days turn into sunny, warm ones," explains Mike Matthews, Managing Broker for Watson's Amelia Island office. "Properties always show better in the spring for those reasons."  

Selling Around School

Listing your home in spring allows you to get on the market just in time for those families aiming to purchase a new home and move right after the school year. "Lots of people plan their moves around the school schedule. They start looking in spring so they can prepare their moves for the summer when school is out," Mike explains. The same benefit extends to your family. Donna Daigle, Managing Broker for Watson's Middleburg office, adds, "When timed correctly, listing in spring allows your children to finish school, sell your home, and be settled in your new home before the next school year starts." Even with most children out of school right now, it can still be beneficial to plan selling your home around the home-schooling methods your children are currently working through.

Targeting Military Movers

As anyone in the military will tell you, your family is bound to move a lot. Getting your home on the market in spring gives you the best chance to target military movers. "A lot of military transfers happen in the summer," Donna says. "By listing in the springtime, you're opening your home up to many high-quality military buyers who will begin their search a few months before their transfer."

Tax Time Can be a Boon

Many buyers try to save as much as possible for a down payment (even if it isn't always necessary). Tax returns can play a big part in their budgetary efforts, which means you can also benefit. "People typically receive their tax returns in spring," Mike explains. "This leads to additional funds for their down payment or even their move." As buyers are able to increase their down payment fund, you'll likely see more serious shoppers.

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