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If there's one thing we could all take from the lovely people of Denmark, it's the concept of hygge. Pronounced hyoo-ga, hygge encapsulates all that is cozy and comfortable. But beyond the material aspects of hygge, there exists a desire to enjoy life's simple pleasures, to pause and find contentment amidst the chaos of living. What better place to introduce hygge into your life than your house? Here's how to incorporate hygge into your home and create a personal sanctuary.

Stay Simple

Bright color schemes might be bold, but they don't exactly align with the goals of hygge. After all, hygge emphasizes the simple pleasures. Keep your space uncluttered and clean and your color scheme neutral. Browns, creams, and similar colors encourage peaceful, relaxing feelings.

Cozy & Comfortable

Life is hard, so we should prioritize coziness at all possible opportunities. In your home, that means lots of cozy blankets, fluffy pillows, and feathery comforters. Another great way to incorporate hygge into your home is by creating a cozy nook or corner to which you can retreat when things get a little hectic.


Further increase the coziness of your space by lighting a few candles. Pick scents that calm you and your candles will serve as a great self-care tool. But it's not just the scent you're after; the soft, radiant light provide the perfect comforting glow.

Casual Dress Code

What you wear at home contributes just as much to hygge as the décor. So leave the jeans and dresses in the closet and opt for your coziest pair of sweatpants and fuzzy socks. If you really want to commit, grab yourself a pair of hyggebuksers.

Let There Be Light

The gentle glow of candlelight sometimes isn't enough. Open up those curtains, lift the blinds, and let as much natural light in as possible. Those soothing pillars of sunlight become invaluable for comfort in the chilly winter.

Bring the Outside Inside

Greenery in the form of plants are a great way to liven up the atmosphere in any room of your home, especially in your cozy nooks. Even if you don't have a great track record of keeping plants alive, you can still capture the ambience of the elements with wood accents in floors, furniture, and other décor pieces.

Light a Fire

If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, set a fire to create warmth – an essential piece of the hygge mindset. Few things can improve a relaxing night cuddle up on the couch under layers of blankets like a roaring fire.     


Spooky season is here! There's only one way to celebrate: turning your home into a ghastly Halloween haven. And while you could drop tons of money on store-bought décor, why not try your hand on some homecooked decorations? Take these DIY Halloween décor projects for a spin this spooky season to get your ghoulish vibes right.

Empty Bottle Candlestick Holders

Take any empty bottle, spray paint it matte black, then insert a candlestick in the opening. Now you've got spooky flickers of candlelight!

Paper Bats & Cats

Cut out silhouettes of bats, cats, half-moons, and other creepy imagery using black paper, then stick them to the outside of windows throughout your house – they look great and are easy to make!

Flannel Face Pillows

Flex your sewing muscles with this nifty project that turns your favorite throw pillows into adorably creepy monsters.

Oversized Spiders

Foam balls, toothpicks, some paint, and a few more crafts are all you need to make these oversized spiders.

Bubbling Cauldron

Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! Creating your own frothing cauldron is a breeze. Just take a cast-iron Dutch oven and mix in a little water and dry ice and voila!

Illuminated Ghost Garland

Want to make your home feel truly haunted? Follow these simple instructions to make a bunch of friendly ghosts that'll light up your home with spooky charm.

Partygoing Pumpkins

Instead of carving up your pumpkins, try decorating them with other crafts: gemstones, glitter, masks, and more.

Pumpkin Archway

Let trick 'r treaters know exactly what kind of house they're approaching with this custom pumpkin archway out front.

Mummify Your Front Door

Take some white crepe paper, adhesive putty, and some scissors to transform your front door into a macabre mummy. If you want more silly than spooky, add some googly eyes.

Spider Cake

Take any store-bought cake and add some white frosting to a frosting piping bag (or make your own with a sealable freezer bag) to layer spiderwebs on the exterior. Stick some small novelty spiders on top of the webs and you've got a chilling yet delicious spider cake!

Witch Legs

Spruce up your front lawn with these wicked witch legs. A few crafts and some elbow grease are all you need for these witchy bush decorations.

Trees from Another Dimension

Those aren't any ordinary trees in your yard – at least not when you give them a set of ghoulish eyes! Draw some pupils on a fluorescent foam circle to create the eyes, then stick them to your trees with double stick tape.

Mason Jar Ghosts

Turn mason jars into g-g-g-g-ghosts! Hit them with some glass spray paint and affix some googly eyes to the front and bam, you've got ghosts.

Candy Corn Pinata

Festive cheer comes in the form of a giant piece of candy corn with this craft. Except this one isn't edible – it's a pinata!

Hanging Cage Props

Keep ghastly prisoners in line with these homemade hanging cage props. Follow this guide to make your own!

Skull Candle Holder

Set the spooky mood with these DIY candle holders made with plaster novelty skulls.

Crystal Ball Candlesticks

These nifty pieces of décor may look like something you'd drop $15 on at a big-box store, but you can make them on your own for less!

Hanging Bats

How adorable are these DIY hanging bats? All you need are black socks, hot glue, crafting foam, and a few more supplies to craft your own.


Everyone loves a well-decorated house for the holidays. Achieving that look, however, can be a chore depending on how you approach it. Luckily, there are a lot of inventive ways to get your house holiday-ready without smothering your house in thousands of lights and shutting down the local power grid a la Clark Griswold. Whether it's your first holiday season in your new home or you're looking for some new ideas, here are 12 easy Christmas decorating tips.

Use a White as Your Base Color

Green and red may be the go-to Christmas colors, but using white as your central colors allows you to truly capture the wintry feel of the season. Plus it makes your other colors pop more dramatically. Think white tree dressings, white ornaments, and maybe even some fake snow.

Utilize All Your Space

Your living room will of course get plenty of decorating love, but it's the holiday season – spread that love around! Add decorations to places you wouldn't expect to see them, like the entryway.

Presents Can Be Décor, Too

After spending hours wrapping them in beautiful wrapping paper, why just keep your presents hidden away under the tree? Popping those delicately packaged beauties around your house make for cute and unique décor.

Give Artificial Trees a Try

We know, we know. This one might be considered heresy in some homes, but hear us out! Artificial trees provide all the warm holiday vibes as a real tree with none of the mess, and they're usually easier to decorate thanks to their bendable limbs.

Pine Candles, Seriously

This one is doubly important if you go artificial with your tree. The pine scent is essential to nailing the spirit of the season, and pine candles allow you to get it in any room.

Nature is Your Friend

Utilizing the existing beauty of nature in your decorations is an easy way to set your house apart. When hanging your outdoor lights, don't just stick to your house. Drape lights on trees, bushes, birdfeeders, and other landscaping features to make your whole property shine. And when you want to create a warm, naturalistic atmosphere with your indoor decorations, incorporate Mother Nature there, too. Pinecones are a natural way to add texture to your décor, and they're plentiful during this time of year.

Go Green

Natural greenery is another easy way to liven up your decorations. Just about any craft store should have an abundance of garlands, wreaths, and other greenery. Add this to your mantle, drape it from your curtains, or just about anywhere you're decorating for a refreshing pop of color.

Think Outside the Box

Of course you'll hang your ornaments and put up the wreaths, but think outside the box to really take your decorations to the next level. Got a nice metal watering pot you use in the summer? It'll make a perfect container for a bouquet of wintry flowers! Think of what else you could use around your house to add some variety to your décor.

Remember to Look Up

Light fixtures go mostly unnoticed until they need a new bulb. Give your guests a reason to look up by decorating your light fixtures! A wrapping of garland or even a few ornaments can make a big difference.

Mail's Here!

While you're decorating outside, take some extra material and spruce up your mailbox. It's a great way to catch your neighbors' eyes and bring some holiday cheer to your local postal worker, too!

Candy Canes are for More than Eating

Candy canes are a Christmastime staple, but these little treats make for a handy piece of décor, too. Hang them on your tree, hook them on a decorative candy dish, or mix them in with your garlands and wreaths throughout the house.

Cookies for Santa

Everyone knows to get the best gifts, you've got to bake some delicious cookies for the big man in red himself. And while Santa sure loves a plate of cute Christmas cookies, it can also add a sense of homeliness to your décor – and your guests will love snacking on them, too! Just don't tell Santa.

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