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Have you ever wondered what style of house represents your personality? There are so many home types to choose from, you should know which one fits you best! Take a look at these five popular home styles to get an idea for the aesthetic and functionality that match your unique personality when you're ready to purchase your next home.


Born out of the American Craftsman movement between 1900 and 1929, these homes were fashioned as a counterculture crusade against ornate, Victorian style to express handcrafted detail and humble living. Typical features include front porches supported by two thick columns, exposed beams, one story, low roofing, stucco accents and Earth-toned colors.

If you have an affinity for Craftsman style, you probably are a homebody who enjoys crafting or working with your hands. You may also love having a small garden or compost pile in your yard. You probably enjoy a warm cup of tea and reading in cozy rooms by a warm hearth.  

Midcentury Modern

Characterized by clean and simple lines, integration with nature, and honest materials, midcentury has made a significant comeback in recent years. Indicative of the 1950s and 60s, it takes influence from Scandinavian design, with function and form at its core.

Typically, these homes are one-story ranch homes with small elevation changes, open-concept layouts, and have unique nature-inspired details like indoor atriums and wood paneling.

If you love midcentury, you probably enjoy the artistic aspects of home design coupled with entertaining friends and family with classy cocktails and appetizers amid the sounds of a good vinyl record.


Contemporary simply means "of the current time." Innovative and looking toward the future, these homes change features with current needs, trends, and styles. So, in keeping with the right-now, these homes mix styles but add eco-friendly features and smart-home capabilities.

If these homes are your thing, you probably like less maintenance, more convenience, and cleanliness. You may gravitate toward industrial loft spaces and condos with little-to-no yard work for your busy, efficient personality. You probably have a small dog you can carry around with you anywhere, too. 


Popular in Florida and the Southwest, Mediterranean-style homes include everything from Tuscan to Spanish to Mission Revival. Features include symmetry with rounded archways, columns, clay tile roofing, white stucco exterior, metal ironwork on gates or windows, beige interiors, and large kitchens. Oftentimes, a pool, a fountain or courtyard adorn the landscape.

This style of home is perfect for those who love to host their big families and friends from the heart of the home – the kitchen. If you love this style, you have a bit of a dramatic side, you're low maintenance, and you love relaxing by the pool like a Hollywood movie star.  

Beach Cottage

As a Florida brokerage, we know a thing or two about beach homes and the people who love them. Inspired by the Cape Cod homes of New England, these homes are built in the cottage style with cedar or shaker siding to weather the saltiest of sea air, high winds, and humidity.

If you love a beach home, you welcome lots of natural light, simple décor in whites and blue hues to match the landscape, and most importantly – direct access to the ocean. You simply cannot be landlocked, you may own a boat, and you probably make (or at least enjoy eating) a killer key lime pie.

Now that you know the most popular home styles in our area, and which one fits you best, give our Watson agents a call to help you find your perfect match today.

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