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You've heard it a million times but allow us to say it once more: first impressions matter! Consider that chefs often say the first taste of a meal happens with our eyes. The same principle applies to selling your home – how you present it to potential buyers makes a difference. From introducing more natural light to decluttering, these proven home staging tips will get those For Sale signs out of your yard in no time.

Deep Clean

Even if you clean regularly, chances are some nooks and crannies of your home haven't seen household cleaner in a while. No judgment – it's easy to overlook some surfaces when you've got a full house to clean! But now's the time to scrub high and low all throughout your home to get every sneaky surface squeaky clean. Here's a guide to help you get started.


Decluttering is a favorite topic of ours, and with good reason: it does so much for your home's presentation. It creates space (even if you don't have as much), makes your home look neat and tidy, and shows the home in its best light.

Let There Be Light

Turn on every light in the house. Open up curtains and let that natural light shine in. Utilize candles where possible but keep fire safety concerns in mind. A bright home is a happy and inviting home.

Do Away with Decorations

Your home is very attractive, and your style of décor surely enhances it. But for the sake of staging, peel back as much of your personal décor as possible. It may sting to remove what you consider to be part of your home's personality, but it will help your home appeal to the largest audience.

Focus on Fixable Cosmetic Changes

You know about depreciation, but did you know there's such a thing as curable depreciation? In the simplest terms, curable depreciations can be fixed and add value back to the property. These cosmetic fixes include painting, wallpapering, decluttering, and more. Prioritize these fixes because you'll see the financial rewards reflected in the sale price.

Say Goodbye to the Past

Furniture and other items that are visually outdated should be removed, unless it's a true antique or a family heirloom. Your accessories should make your home look modern.

Put Furniture Where It Belongs

You might have kept a workstation in a corner of your dining room, but that doesn't mean you should advertise that. Put furniture in the room where it makes most sense to give the best impression.

Get Rid of Pesky Odors

Pet smells, food odors, and anything else giving your home a funky scent should be dealt with immediately. Use candles, air fresheners, or even bake a fresh batch of cookies to make your home smell luscious.

Tuck Away Personal Possessions

You might love the picture of your family on the mantle, but it's not going to help your home sell. Your ultimate goal with staging should be making your home feel like a model home. You want it devoid of personal touches so that potential buyers can form their own emotional connections to it while picturing themselves living there.

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