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For many people, working directly with a builder to create a brand-new home that perfectly suits their needs is the dream. While buying a home that's already on the market has countless benefits, there's something to be said for the magic of having a custom home built just for you and your family. Since you're working directly with a builder, it might not seem necessary to involve a real estate agent in the transaction. But a real estate agent who knows your interests, wants, and must-haves can be just as invaluable during a new construction transaction as any other home-buying experience. Here's why you should work with a real estate agent when having a new home built.

Find Your Community

Your agent will know the area in which you're looking to build, so they can help you find the perfect neighborhood that matches what you want in a community. They'll provide local area information regarding schools, day care, elderly care services, public transportation, proposed developments, and more.

Identifying the Right Builder

If you haven't already selected a builder, your agent will connect you with a reliable contractor based on several factors: reputation for delivering a high-quality product, quick response to issues, and being financially sound.

Navigate the Complexities

Buying a home is already a fairly complex process. Building one from the ground-up has even more intricacies with builder contracts, upgrade negotiations, and more. Your agent will use their experience in these areas to help you navigate the process.

Assist in Design Choices

Obviously, your home should reflect your style and tastes. But your agent can help you determine which design choices and upgrades could potentially add value to the home when it comes time to sell.

Be Your Guide During Construction

Once construction is underway, your agent will accompany you to the work site for walkthroughs and supply you with progress reports when you can't make it. They'll photograph construction throughout the different phases and help ensure everything stays on track by notifying you of developments as they arise. Are you thinking of having a new home built and need an agent to help guide you through the process? Contact your local Watson office to get started!

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