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Conventional wisdom tells you spring is the best season for selling your home, with summer coming in as a close second. But we're here to tell you waiting for warm weather to put your house on the market isn't necessary. There are plenty of strong reasons why you should sell your home in winter, and we've got some of our expert brokers to share them with you.

Selling in Spring = Heavy Competition

Know who else sells their home in the spring? Everyone! "Winter is a great time to sell your home because not many people list then," says Curt Marksbury, Managing Broker for Watson's Mount Dora office. "There's less competition thanks to lower inventory."

Indeed, with so many sellers putting their home on the market in April and May, you'll face stiff competition. In the winter, however, your home gets more of the spotlight thanks to the less populated market.

Winter Buyers Typically Mean Business

Fewer homes for sale also means buyers shopping in the winter months are more likely to be seriously interested for a few reasons. The holidays certainly come into play.

"Most people are focused on the holidays around this time of year," explains Geannina Mejia-Acevedo, Managing Broker for Watson's Port St. Lucie office. "They're shopping, traveling, hosting friends and relatives. So if a potential buyer takes interest in your home during this hectic time, there's a good chance they're very serious."

The winter also weeds out buyers who simply want to browse. "Window shoppers tend to only look during the traditional home-selling periods of spring and summer, sometimes fall. Buyers shopping in the winter are looking to make an offer," Marksbury explains.

Holiday Decorations Boost Selling Potential

Speaking of the holidays, the festive décor adorning your home is a great boon in your quest to sell. It not only helps your home stand out, but it also helps buyers imagine themselves celebrating the holidays in the house.

Snowbirds Come Flocking

While northern states get blanketed by blizzards, Florida's climate remains balmy and pleasant in even the chilliest months. Of course, plenty of snowbirds come flocking to escape their frigid northern confines, and some of them may be ready to make their move permanent.

"As snowbirds travel to Florida for the warm weather during the winter, they may decide they're done scraping ice off their windshields every year," says Marksbury. "It makes for a great time to show off your home, too, as they can see what winter would be like in their new house."

Corporate Relocation Creates Motivated Buyers

January and February are two of the most popular months for corporate relocation, which means a lot of buyers are looking for a home fast. And because relocators have precious little time to move their family, they don't have the luxury of browsing tons of listings. Motivated buyers plus a need to move quickly equals a great chance for you to sell your home in the winter.

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