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There's a reason the minimalist decorating style has never gone away. It's a versatile look that can transform any room into a warm, welcoming space with just a handful of smart and practical choices. Going minimalist also makes your home look neater, and helps you cut down on the daily chore of tidying up a bit as clutter inevitably builds up. And unlike other styles, minimalism doesn't require a ton of expensive pieces or an interior design degree. All it takes is a willingness to shuffle things in your home around, a little inspiration, and the right guide. Luckily, we've got you covered. Here's how to achieve a minimalist decorating style.


There's a single philosophy that connects every aspect of the minimalist style: less is more. So let's start with the amount of stuff in your home. Pare it down! Clutter makes your home feel stuffy, which is the opposite of what minimalism aims for. Display the items you truly love and either put the rest in storage or toss it out. Counters, dining room tables, and coffee tables are areas that often house a ton of clutter, so start there. Assigning your display items a location and keeping them there helps keep clutter down after the initial clean up.

One In, One Out

Another great strategy for staying clutter-free is abiding by the "one in, one out" philosophy. You can read about it in greater detail over at Miss Minimalist, but the general idea is for every new item that enters your house, remove an old one. Bought a new lamp for the living room? Get rid of the old one instead of stuffing it in the corner of another room that doesn't need it. It's simple yet effective.

Quality > Quantity

Remember how we said to only display the items you truly love? Your aim in achieving a minimalist decorating style should be quality over quantity. A small handful of carefully selected pieces will smartly tie a room together in a way that dozens of items shoved together never could.

Stay in Neutral

Bright colors, while lively, are loud and busy. For a minimalist look, you'll want to opt for neutral hues. That doesn't mean you have to settle for stark white walls, though. Mix in different shades of your chosen color to add dynamics. If you're committed to white paint, you can still find one with an undertone of yellow for warmth or blue for crispness, for example.

Embrace Textures

Going with a subdued color gives you more freedom to play with different textures to bring variety to the room. Upholstered furniture, woven elements, items with natural wear, or pieces with a sleek finish are just a few examples of unique textures you can incorporate. Just be mindful not to go overboard; remember, less is more!

Be Natural

For all its strengths, minimalism can at times leave you feeling cold and detached. Combat this by letting in as much natural light as possible by opening the curtains or using light fabrics that let sunlight bleed through. Feel free to incorporate a plant or two, as well! They add tremendous texture and a great sense of warmth.

Accents & Patterns

Minimalism doesn't mean you have to abandon color altogether. Your flashiest decorations still have a place within the minimalist decorating style; they're just going to be used a lot less. Use your more eye-catching decorations like accents to highlight the overall style of the room. The same goes for patterns – work them into your established color scheme without overwhelming. Got any tips of your own for how to achieve a minimalist decorating style? Let us know in the comments!

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