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Go just about anywhere in Vero Beach and you're guaranteed to spot a Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or other coffee juggernaut. They dot city streets worldwide, and it's no surprise why: they make a good cup o' joe. But what if we told you there was a much greater coffee world to explore out there, one filled with small-batch brews and rich, aromatic flavors? Indeed, there's a lot of small cafes brewing up delicious stuff just waiting to be discovered. Try one of these local coffee shops in Vero Beach, FL and expand both your mind and mug.

Brooklyn Water Bagel

Visit the coffee station at Brooklyn Water Bagel and you'll be treated to a selection of artisan brews featuring light, medium, dark, and decaf blends. Then there's their signature Iced Coffee Cubsta® - grounds brewed specifically to be frozen and served over ice cubes made of coffee. This chilly caffeine cup will give you the boost you need, especially on hot summer days.

Grind & Grape

Grind & Grape sets itself apart in many ways. For one, it's a coffee shop by day and a bar with live music by night. The bright lights and seasonal cocktails certainly attract a lively nightlife crowd, but you'd be missing out if you only visited Grind & Grape after hours. Grab a mug of their seasonal or custom house brew with flavors ranging from vanilla and cinnamon to toasted marshmallow and salted caramel.

Rio Coco Beans

This local beanery has two locations in Vero Beach, but its origins are international. The original Rio Coco Café opened in Utila Honduras, an island 18 miles off the coast of Honduras proper. During a trip to Nicaragua in the early 2000s, the founders – Michael and Laura – of Rio Coco met missionaries who grew coffee beans and sold them to companies in the US. Years later, Michael and Laura had the idea to sell coffee themselves to fund their project to build schools for indigenous peoples in Nicaragua and Honduras. They brought the specialty blends stateside in 2011 when the first Rio Coco Café in Vero Beach opened. To this day, they continue to sell bold, flavorful coffee out of their two Vero Beach locations alongside a menu of healthy dishes, tea, and more.


Cravings is a gourmet bakery, sandwich, and ice cream café serving up hot cups o' joe all day, every day. They brew eight different roasts daily in addition to espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, Americanos, and mochas. You can even order iced versions of any of those drinks. Cravings also serves cold brew coffee.

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