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Bathroom Vanity Updates

Updating your bathroom vanity can instantly give your entire bathroom a new look that reflects your sense of style. From using paint to switching out the countertop, you can transform the entire room without breaking the bank. Whether you're planning to stay in your current home for a while and would like an update or are selling in the near future and want your home to sell as quickly and for as much as possible, a vanity makeover can help.

Our real estate agents suggest the following inexpensive bathroom vanity updates:

  • Create a Weathered Look
    You can create an appealing weathered gray look for your vanity quickly and easily. You'll need just four materials - chalk paint, chalk paint wax, a wax brush, and a dry lint-free rag - to achieve the look. First, apply two coats of the chalk paint to your vanity and wait for the paint to dry after each coat. Then rub the chalk paint wax on in small sections and use the wax brush to work it into crevices and grooves. Any excess can be then wiped away with a rag, and you'll have transformed your bathroom vanity with just a couple of hours of work and a few supplies.

  • Use Stencils or Wallpaper
    In addition to a coat of paint, you can easily transform your bathroom vanity by adding painted stencils for more color and personality. Add two coats of paint to your bathroom vanity, letting each coat dry. Then choose some stencils in a pattern you like and use them to paint a design on your vanity to give it an extra pop. Stencils are particularly budget-friendly since not only are they inexpensive, but you can also reuse them on other projects, including furniture, fabric, and walls.

  • Swap in Some New Hardware
    Adding new hardware is an inexpensive DIY upgrade for all types of cabinets and furniture, and the bathroom vanity is no different. Brushed brass or sleek chrome are often good choices for vanity knobs and drawer pulls, and you'll also want to look at matching them with other bathroom hardware updates, such as the toilet paper holder and towel racks.

  • Update Your Countertop
    If your vanity countertop looks dated or simply doesn't add anything positive to your bathroom's appearance, consider swapping it out for a new one. Granite, quartz, and marble are popular options that are attractive and long-lasting. Or, for a more inexpensive option, use a spray paint like Krylon Make It Stone to give your existing bathroom vanity countertop a fresher, more modern look.

  • Create a Mesh Tile Countertop
    Covering the top of your vanity with mesh tile squares can achieve a dramatic change in appearance. They come in a wide variety of textures, colors, and styles, so they can be used to achieve a wide variety of different looks. 

Contact us for help with your buying and selling needs throughout Florida and southeastern Georgia. And if you're interested in selling your home, we can recommend inexpensive updates and improvements that will help make your home more marketable. 

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