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Florida Retiree

Florida has become one of the most popular places for people to retire. This state has a lot to offer to people of all ages, but retirees, in particular, enjoy the year-round warm weather and planned communities. Our real estate agents have helped many clients find their dream home in Florida. Here are some tips and tricks they've picked up along the way. 

  • Consider Golf Communities
    Golf communities are not for everyone. However, they are a popular option for retirees moving to Florida. In communities like these, you not only have easy access to a golf course but also to recreational centers and community activities.

    These communities can make life social and enjoyable. On the other hand, if you'd like a more secluded spot with less socialization, you may want to avoid these planned communities. When working with one of our agents, be sure to mention if this type of community interests you! 

  • Look Into Tax Differences
    One reason why Florida is so great for retirement has to do with the taxes. Florida does not have any state income tax. They do not tax retirement income or Social Security benefits. So, your money will go further in Florida than in most other states. Take these tax differences into account when planning your budget and browsing properties. You may be able to afford "more house" in Florida.

  • Move Close to a Beach Town
    Florida's beaches are some of the most beautiful in the country. If you love the beach, you may want to move into a beachside town like Daytona Beach. However, you can often find plenty of affordable houses a mile or two in from the beach. In towns like these, you get a beachy feel, and the beach is just a short drive away, but you won't be as surrounded by tourists.

  • Take Advantage of Good Healthcare
    When deciding where in Florida to move, look into the medical practitioners in the immediate area. Florida has some of the best geriatric specialists, and they offer excellent care for older adults. Plan on transferring to a primary care physician and other doctors in Florida as soon as you move.

  • Consider Airport Proximity
    When you move to Florida, your family members are going to want to plan a visit! They'll have an easier time if you move into a community a reasonable distance from an airport. In the areas surrounding Orlando, Sarasota, and Tampa, there are plenty of retirement communities within 20 minutes or so of the airport. At that distance, you can easily pick up and drop off visitors.

  • Look Into Smaller Cities
    While many people retire to the larger areas of Florida, there are plenty of other lovely Florida cities to consider. Jacksonville is one option. Its population is growing, but it's still a bit quieter. There are several scenic golf courses overlooking the ocean and river, and the white sand beaches are stunning.

    Another option for those who prefer a quieter setting is New Smyrna Beach. It represents a slow, beachy lifestyle, but there are still plenty of wonderful restaurants and smaller businesses to enjoy.

Moving to Florida is certainly a wise choice if you want to spend time in a warmer climate near lovely beaches and golf courses. Contact us to learn more about our real estate services. We'd love to help you find your perfect retirement home.

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