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Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are large offices where remote workers, freelancers, and contractors can gather to work side-by-side in a professional setting. This arrangement gives you access to a dedicated working space outside the home for a modest fee and has grown in popularity over the last year.

If you've recently begun working remotely and would like to try using a coworking space, make sure you pay attention to these things during the selection process.

Location is the most important aspect of any coworking space. If you can't get to your space easily, you won't use it as often. Aim for as short a commute as possible to make the trip more appealing. 

Not all remote workers will need to meet with clients, but if you do, keep this in mind while researching nearby options. If you plan on driving to your coworking space, you should also look for one that has complimentary parking for members. Otherwise, you'll need to account for the cost of parking when budgeting. 

Speaking of budgets, cost is another extremely important consideration when choosing a coworking space. It doesn't matter how attractive a space is – if you can't afford it, you can't access it.  

Many spaces charge a monthly fee, but some charge by the day instead. There may also be a fee for desk use, especially if you want to keep a dedicated desk that is reserved for you. Estimate how often you plan to use your space to work out approximately how much you will be paying each month. 

Many coworking spaces offer more than just four walls and a desk. From receptionist counters to dedicated map rooms, you'll find just about any office amenity at these locations if you look hard enough. 

Think about what you need to do your best work. For some people, a printer and scanner are absolutely essential. Others might need standing desks. Will you be happy relying on takeout coffees during your time at the space, or would it be helpful to have a coffeemaker on hand? Every worker will have different priorities. 

A Strong WiFi Connection 
A strong, reliable WiFi connection is a non-negotiable part of a good coworking space. You want to know that you will be able to conduct research, communicate with clients, and use cloud-based software tools without worrying about whether your connection will stutter or cut out when you need it most.  

Most coworking spaces will claim their WiFi is excellent, but if you really want to know how well it performs, ask the people who are currently members of that space.

Even though you will spend a lot of time working independently in your coworking space, it's still important to think about the atmosphere during the decision-making process.

Does the space feel like a professional yet welcoming environment? Can you see yourself being happy and productive there? The right space will have you easily answering yes to all of these questions. 

The perfect coworking space for you is out there: you just have to find it. Now that you have the power to choose where you work best, why not also find a new home on Florida's sunny shores?

Our real estate agents can help you find a Florida home with a spacious home office, or within a short drive of a coworking space. Contact us today for more information. 

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