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For most of us, a life lived mostly inside the walls of our home became the norm for at least a year. Lots of things changed; grocery store trips became deliveries, intense hand-washing sessions occurred multiple times a day, and empty guest rooms became home offices.

It makes sense then that homebuyers' preferred features have shifted in response to the changes they've experienced. Point2 Homes examined 43 million words from more than 640,000 listings across the United States, then compared their findings to a study of the same nature in 2019.

Examining the most popular home descriptions words, phrases, and features reveals a lot about how buyers' tastes have changed.

Give Me Space

When you spend almost all your time inside your house, you begin to really discern what you like about it and what you don't. Based on the popularity of adjectives like "spacious," "large," and "full," many homebuyers realized how cramped their old homes felt. Listings that emphasize their vast amounts of space seem to appeal to modern buyers.

Homes that promised additional space in the form of extra rooms (especially those which were separately enclosed), open floor plans, and walk-in closets surged in popularity. Home descriptions with "bonus room," "laundry room," and "home office" proved to be very popular.

Even the bathroom became more coveted. Full bathrooms especially are desired, and not just for traditional reasons. An increased emphasis on sanitation makes bathrooms more popular than ever, but it's also their isolation which appeals to many buyers. In homes crowded with adults, kids, and even pets, a spacious bathroom offers the most privacy one can ask for.   

A Way Out

Grounded planes and increased travel restrictions contributed to everyone's increased at-home times. As such, the car became essential to those who still needed some form of getaway. Thus, "garage" and "parking" became tremendously popular. In fact, according to Point2's results, garage was the most popular home description word in 2021.

Social distancing also made it much harder to get together with friends and family, so many of us discovered a newfound appreciation for nature. Having the car – and a place to store it – to reach these serenity spots remains important for buyers.

Privacy, Please

We mentioned privacy earlier inside the house, and the theme of desired seclusion is reflected in adjectives like "private," "covered," "separate," "quiet," and "enclosed" gaining significant ground in this year's study.

Granted, many of these features were sought after before this year. But given their growth in popularity, we can assume that trend has accelerated. And why wouldn't it? In a time where we were often stuck inside with the same people yet simultaneously isolated from people, it makes sense that buyers would continue to crave privacy.

Some Things Never Change

For all the new home description words and features in this year's study, a few mainstays still remained near the top of the list. "Granite countertops," "hardwood floors," and "stainless steel appliances" were all the rage before lockdowns, but no matter how much has changed, these features still have a Holy Grail quality to them. All three remain in the top 10 of most popular home description words and features.


If all this talk about home descriptions and features has you thinking about buying or selling, contact one of our brilliant agents to get started.

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