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Florida Architecture

If you're planning on buying a Florida home or upgrading to a different Florida property, you'll find that there are a lot of architectural styles to choose from. Our real estate agents understand that having so many options can feel overwhelming, especially if you aren't sure exactly what you're searching for in a home.

We recommend learning about the different architectural options so that you feel more comfortable when you're shopping for a home. Here are some of the most popular Florida home styles. 

  • Mediterranean Architecture
    Mediterranean architecture is known for its stucco walls, arched doorways and windows, and tiled roofs. On the interior, this style usually incorporates arches and vaults into the design, giving the home a light, airy feel. Stone walls and floors, along with wrought iron fixtures, are also common. This home design is similar to that of coastal villas found throughout Europe. It's a popular option among homeowners who are searching for a luxurious style that compliments Florida's tropical atmosphere. 
  • Spanish Style Architecture
    Spanish style architecture is similar to Mediterranean style architecture, but there are a few key differences. The Spanish design usually has red tile roofing, a white stucco exterior, and wooden support beams. Its design also includes a lot of curves, such as arched windows and curving entryways and exterior features. Wrought iron elements are also associated with this home design. 
  • Coastal Contemporary Architecture
    The coastal contemporary home design is designed to bring the relaxing tranquility associated with a day at the shore into your own home(even if you live hundreds of miles away from the nearest beach). While this style is popular on the Florida coastline, it's also a hit with anyone looking for a tranquil home. This style doesn't necessarily include a lot of nautical elements to give it a beachy, laidback vibe. Instead, it utilizes soothing, neutral colors that may include a bright hue or two to add a pop of color to the home. There are often a lot of wooden or woven elements incorporated into the home to give it the texture differences associated with the beach. These homes often have high ceilings, lots of windows, and an open floor plan to help you maximize airflow throughout the interior rooms and take advantage of gorgeous exterior views. 
  • Victorian Architecture
    Victorian architecture often has smaller windows, a tall, narrow design, and a lot of exterior embellishment, like a fancy porch railing. This design style is also synonymous with steeply pitched roofs and asymmetrical design. Homes with Victorian architecture are usually located in historic areas of Florida alongside other Victorian homes. While these homes are older, the design is considered timeless and full of old-world charm. 
  • Ranch-Style Architecture
    Ranch-style homes are common in many states, including Florida. This design is one-story and spreads the home out across the property's land. A home with ranch-style architecture is a great fit for anyone with mobility limitations; the lack of stairs makes it easier to "age at home." Sliding glass doors are common in ranch-style homes to allow more natural light into the home and to help connect the home to its backyard. This design usually has an "L" or U" shape and includes a garage. 

The variety of architecture in Florida makes it easy to find a home that fits your needs and aesthetic preferences. Ready to begin shopping for your next home? Contact us today to get started!

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