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Email Post to a Friend: How to Get in the Holiday Spirit in Sunny Florida

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Holiday season is a magical time of year. Warmth and holiday movies and family and a general, pervading sense of mirth make for a potion that can rejuvenate even the darkest spirits. But let's face it – capturing that holiday spirit can be tricky when you're in a place like sunny Florida, where the temperatures rarely dip below 50 degrees and snow seems more like something from a book rather than an actual meteorological event.

Don't fret, though. There are still plenty of ways to kindle your holiday spirit even in a state that's more at home in summer than winter, and we're here to share them.

Break Out the Decorations

Hang Christmas lights, decorate a tree, dress up your mantles with garlands, adorn your door with a brightly lit wreath, and tackle any of your other favorite holiday decorating traditions to create a space conducive to a festive mood. If you want to really ratchet up the wintry feelings, add some spray-on snow to your windows to create a frosted look.

Crank the Holiday Music

Chances are, if you're a fan of Christmas music, you've been jamming to your favorite holiday hits since at least November 1. If you haven't yet, find your favorite playlist or turn on a Christmas music station on Pandora and vibe to your favorite holiday hits.

Visit Local Celebrations

Florida doesn't let warm weather stop it from celebrating the holidays with various events throughout the state. If you're in Jacksonville, check out the annual Gingerbread Extravaganza and marvel at the breathtaking gingerbread homes on display.

St. Augustine will be hosting its traditional Night of Lights festival, one of the world's best holiday light displays according to National Geographic. In Daytona Beach, you can meet the Grinch and citizens of Whoville at Kickoff to Winter Wonderland, as well as more fun characters in the weekends following the initial event. And if you're in New Smyrna Beach, you have to attend Christmas on Canal Street to see downtown transform into a holiday haven.

Check your town's event calendar to see what's going on this holiday season!

Turn Down the AC

It may be 75 degrees outside, but it doesn't have to in your house. Crank that temperature as low as you can take it – or are willing to pay for – then stir up a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy your own personal North Pole.

Stimulate Your Holiday Senses

For us, the holidays don't start until we break out our pine candles and peppermint candies. Fill your home with your favorite yuletide scent and make your favorite holiday dishes to stoke your festive spirit.

Spend Time with Your Friends & Family

What are the holidays about if not spending them with your loved ones? No amount of chilly air, decorations, or festive events can measure up to a holiday spent with your dearest friends and family.

Happy holidays!

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