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Litter Box Tips

September is officially Happy Cat Month, so take some extra time to appreciate your feline friend. Cats make wonderful pets, but there's one part of cat ownership that everyone dislikes - the litter box. Its appearance isn't attractive, and no one wants to have its odor or the sounds of a cat scratching away in the box invading your home's common areas.
With a few tools, some time, and a little bit of effort, you can hide your cat's litter box while still leaving it easily accessible for them. Check out these tips to help make your cat's litter box out of sight and out of mind.

Drape Fabric Around an End Table 
Hiding your cat's litter box by draping fabric around an end table is a relatively simple project that requires just a few supplies as shown on the Dimples and Tangles blog. You'll need a small end table that easily fits over the litter box. Sew a hem into your fabric, but if you don't sew, you can use fusible hem tape. By using hot glue to make the fabric adhere to the table, you can create a nice, private spot for your cat's litter box.

Transform a Bench  
A bench can be used not only as a handy place to sit as you put your shoes on, but it can also help hide a litter box, according to Offbeat Home & Life. Start by cutting a hole at each end of the bench and sanding the edges. Cover the box with wallpaper if you'd like to change its look, and add black bar mats to the inside of this area to help your kitties clean litter off of their paws before venturing out into your home.

Conceal it in a Cabinet
The Homebody House explains how to stash your cat's litter box in an IKEA cabinet or one that's similarly inexpensive. Use a cabinet that fits your allotted space and has plenty of room inside for a litter box as well as other essential items. You'll need a drill and jigsaw to cut a hole for a cat door on one side of the cabinet's panels.

After installing the cat door, use an upper shelf inside the cabinet to store cat food and some plastic trash bags for scooping and disposing of litter. Hang a clear suction hook on the door to hold the pooper scooper, and you've not only got a great place to hide the litter box, but also a place to store your cat's essentials.

Make Use of Extra Space
After rejecting spaces such as the laundry room when they were trying to figure out a place to put their cat's litter box, Mary Olstyn of Owlhaven and her husband John found the perfect solution in their home. Her husband cut a small door in the wall under the stairs that led to an under-the-stairs closet. This served as an entrance and exit for their cat, who not only had a spot for a litter box but also a quiet haven and place to escape.

Especially consider these tips if you're planning on listing your home! 

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