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With homes flying off the market within days of being listed (and often for far more than the listing price), you might reason that selling your home on your own is the wise choice. Why pay a commission fee to an agent when buyers are falling over themselves just to make an offer for every available house, right?

Not quite. It may seem appealing to go the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route right now. But even in a seller's market, the benefits of working with an agent are worth their weight in gold. Here's why you should still use an agent to sell in 2021.

Market Expertise

No amount of helpful articles or online price-calculating tools can offer you the expertise of a trained real estate agent who has years of experience in the field. For one thing, an agent knows the market and will ensure your house is priced just right based on a number of factors.

Pricing still matters even in a seller's market. Let the above-market prices influence you and list your home for a lot of money, and you risk alienating buyers. Meanwhile, a fair price could create a bidding war between buyers eager to outbid each other.

Trying to figure this out on your own is not only exhausting, but without access to the market tools your agent will have, you run the risk of making a pricing mistake.

Marketing Avenues

Again, you might think marketing matters less when new homes sell like hotcakes. There's a kernel of truth in that, but your agent will still have stronger ways to market your home. An agent will help ensure a top-notch presentation across various social media platforms, websites, and critically, the multiple listing service (MLS).

Even with access to certain big-name listing websites, no one can create buzz around your home like a real estate agent.

Navigating Offers

Receiving multiple offers on your home might be a leveraging dream, but it isn't exactly an easy-to-navigate situation on your own. Your instinct may tell you to just go with the highest bid, but that may not always be the best option.

An experienced agent will dig into the contract terms, financing, and even the offer letter itself to help you make the most informed decision. They'll help you keep emotions in check and operate according to knowledge and realistic expectations.

Ready to put your home on the market? Rather than burn yourself out tackling it solo, work with one of our exceptional agents.

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