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We talk a lot about your home's interior – affordable renovations, minimal decorating tips, even holiday decorating advice – for good reason: it's where you'll spend most of the time in your home! But we never underestimate the importance of curb appeal, and you shouldn't either. A handsome, maintained exterior sets the first impression and makes people want to come inside – especially important if you're selling. But even if your home isn't on the market, these 12 tips will help you boost your curb appeal.

Proper Lawn Care

When the heat's on in the dead of summer, it's hard to find motivation to do yardwork. But trust us: dutiful lawn care gives your home a polished look from the outside. Mow the lawn, rake up leaves, and buzz those weeds down!

Flex Your Green Thumb

While you're out tending to the lawn, add some more vitality and color with plants and flowers. If you don't want the hassle of planting a garden, stick with pots or hanging planters. Place them in windows and entryways to accentuate key points on your home's exterior.

Makeover Your Front Door

You go through your front door every day, but do you ever stop to analyze its condition? If the paint is chipping away or fading, invest in a bold color and give it new life (just make sure it matches the rest of your home). Replace any weathered hinges, locks, or doorknobs, too.

Simple Symmetry

Creating symmetrical patterns around your entryway is another easy way to boost your curb appeal. Arrange matching light fixtures, plants, or other accents to achieve a stylish look that's pleasing to the eye. Image result for pretty front doors

You've Got Mail

Your mailbox is another oft-overlooked accessory contributing to your curb appeal. Repaint it if necessary and fix any broken parts. Or take the easier route and replace it! You can get a new standing or wall-mounted mailbox for as little as $100.  

The Power of Pressure Washing

Dirt and grime is a fact of life for any outdoors area of your home. Especially if you're in a humid state like Florida, you can practically guarantee an invasion of yucky buildup on your hard surfaces and floors. Flush that gunk away by pressure washing your outdoor surfaces.

Clean the Gutters

Scoop all the collected debris out of your gutters, but don't stop there. Scrub the outsides to get them looking freshly installed.

Fix-Up Your Fences

Repair any broken or worn sections of your fencing and give it a fresh coat of paint if it needs it. If you don't have fencing, consider adding some! Even a nice arbor or small sections of decorative fencing woven into a garden can add significant curb appeal.

Walk This Way

Clearly define the walkway to your front door with lanterns, plants, or other decorative pieces framing the sides. Give the walkway a good clean with the pressure washer, or redo it altogether with new pavers. 

The Right Amount of Furniture

It's easy to go overboard with outdoor furniture, and nothing makes your outdoor area appear cluttered more than a bunch of chairs and tables thoughtlessly strewn about. Instead of overdoing it, pick the right amount of furniture (only a few pieces for smaller yards, more for larger areas) and arrange it smartly.

Add Accents

Want to really make your home pop? Accent your color scheme with palette-pleasing trim or window shutters. Shutters come in a variety of styles and materials, allowing you to personalize to fit your home's look.

The Right Way to Fix Your Driveway

A roughed-up driveway might seem like a big project to tackle, but you can actually clean it up without dropping a ton of money or time. Repair any cracks, clean up stains, and kill any weeds infesting the asphalt and it'll look good as new! You can even accent it with stones and other decorations as another major way to boost your curb appeal.

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