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Modern day living in a big city like Orlando is hard. We've never been more connected to the world at large, able to access alarming news and information whenever we want it. Add to that the typical stresses of day-to-day, metropolitan life – work, kids, traffic, crowds, maintaining relationships, the list goes on and on – and we're all basically pressure cookers desperately in need of a break.

Instead of connecting to the outside world, try connecting to your own energies with a yoga session. Yoga is a great way to keep your mind and body healthy and active, and it's been proven to help relieve tension and stress from your body. Discover for yourself that yoga is more than funky buzzwords like Zen and chakras by visiting one of these incredible yoga studios in Orlando, FL.

Orlando Power Yoga

Orlando Power Yoga specializes in the Baron Baptiste style of yoga, which creates a flow between traditional yoga poses and dynamic connecting poses. With a focus not just on the poses themselves, but on the motions between poses, you're guaranteed to get a good workout at any of this company's three yoga studios in Orlando, FL.

Project 7 Yoga

Even if you're new to yoga, you'll feel at home at Project 7 Yoga's studio. They practice all levels of yoga with an emphasis on safe movements, deep breathing, and meditation. Students of this studio are quick to rave about how the instructors at Project 7 push them to reach beyond what they thought they could accomplish in comfortable ways.

Inspirit Yoga

Yoga is about connecting with and improving your mental and physical well-being, and Inspirit believes that shouldn't have to cost you a fortune. That's why you can drop in to any class for only $5 cash – no advance registration or membership required. It's the perfect affordable pick-me-up after a long day at the office.

College Park Yoga

Don't just learn yoga; experience yoga. That's what the instructors at College Park Yoga offer their students: an experience that you can carry with you into a lifelong practice of safe, effective exercise. It's also a great studio to check out if the sweat and intensity of hot yoga makes you a little leery.

Elevate Yoga

Elevate Yoga splits its offerings into two studios: the "Earth" studio where traditional mat yoga is practiced, and the "Air" studio where brightly colored silk hammocks are used in aerial yoga. Drop-in classes are affordable at $8, or you can purchase a package with multiple classes included.

Goat Yoga Central

If you're wondering what goat yoga is, well…it's the same as normal yoga but there are goats. Goat Yoga Central combines the serenity of yoga with the rejuvenation of animal therapy to create a truly wholesome and invigorating mind and body experience. Put another way: You haven't lived until you've done yoga with a goat on your back.

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