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Florida is a strange place. We say that with nothing but love, because we'd have it no other way. Maybe it's the blistering sun, or maybe it's the fact that we live with dinosaurs (hello, alligators). But whatever the reason, there's no denying that Florida is a little odd. So it makes sense that the folks from Guinness World Records have made a lot of trips to Florida to document many eccentric world record attempts. From watermelon-eating contests with hundreds of people to tattooed senior citizens, here are some of the most bizarre Guinness World Records set in Florida.

Longest Marathon Playing Badminton, Doubles

Back in 2014, four Tampa residents doubled up and played badminton for an exhausting 32 hours and 25 minutes to achieve this record. We're tired just thinking about it, honestly.

Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Scientists

More than 1,100 people slipped into their white lab coats in Kissimmee and set a world record (1,139 to be precise, because scientists like precise figures). It might make more sense when you consider this occurred at a science equipment distribution conference.

Longest Video Game Marathon on an MMORPG

If 32 hours playing badminton sounded like a lot, how about 32 hours playing a video game? That's how long Ian Haimes of Clearwater spent on World of Warcraft® during his record-breaking marathon session.

Largest Watermelon Eating Contest

259 people chowed down on watermelons in Safety Harbor last summer, making for the world's largest watermelon eating contest. It was for a good reason, too; the contest was part of Melons for Moolah, an event held to raise money for local charities.

Largest Collection of Flamingo-Related Items

We love our flamingos in Florida. But no one loves them more than Ocala resident Cindy Dunlow. She owns 793 flamingo-related items – although it's entirely possible that number has grown since she set the record in July 2016.

Most Claps in a Minute

Miami resident Seven Wade was only nine-years-old when he achieved the world record for most claps in a minute. In only 60 seconds, Seven managed to clap more times than we've probably clapped in our entire life: 1,080 times!

Most Tattooed Senior Citizens (Male & Female)

Melbourne is home to two record-holders: Chuck Helmke and his partner, Charlotte Guttenberg. Chuck's body is 97.5% covered by tattoos, while Charlotte edges him out slightly with 98.75% coverage.

Longest Scanned Document

During the 2008 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Annual Conference in Orlando, a document stretching out to 3,875 feet was scanned on a Trüper 3600 scanner by Böwe Bell + Howell. The Trüper 3600 was not available for comment, though we're certain it was exhausted.

Fastest Mile Ran While Hula Hooping

We're definitely getting out in the weeds now. Thomas Gallant of St. Johns broke the world record for fastest mile ran while hula hooping by completing his mile in six minutes and 53 seconds. Very impressive considering we can't even hula hoop for 30 seconds standing still.

Most Cherry Stems Knotted in Three Minutes

Al Gliniecki of Gulf Breeze knows his way around a cherry stem. Using his tongue, he tied 39 cherry stems into knots in three minutes in 1999. And more recently, he set the record for most cherry stems tied in a minute with 14!

Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Ninja Turtles

First it was scientists, now it's people dressing as chemically altered reptiles who fight crime. In 2014, 1,394 people suited up as their favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® characters at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando, setting a world record that likely won't be broken anytime soon.

Most Concrete Blocks Broken Consecutively While Holding a Raw Egg

In the ultimate display of martial arts mastery and delicate grip, Kevin Bergquist of Bradenton shattered 28 concrete blocks with his bare hand – without breaking the raw egg he clutched in his smashing hand. We're not sure how this idea came to be, but we love it.

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