10 Cookie Recipes to Bake for Santa

10 Cookie Recipes to Bake for Santa

Posted December 21, 2018 in Home Inspiration

Santa’s a busy guy this time of year. He’s got billions of homes to visit and only one night to do it. In addition to racking up an inconceivable amount of SkyMiles®, Santa’s going to work up a major appetite. And anyone who knows the big guy knows only one thing can sate his hunger: cookies.

Sugar cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, crazy cookies with bacon – Santa won’t discriminate, and neither should you. Here are 10 incredible cookie recipes you should make for Santa this holiday season (or, you know, just make them for your family).

Chewy Chocolate Chip – Tasty

The chocolate chip cookie is an undisputed classic among the cookie ranks, which makes this recipe for a perfectly chewy batch of chocolate chip cookies a classic among classics.

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Cookies – This Silly Girl’s Kitchen

Dana Devolk, creator of This Silly Girl’s Kitchen, calls these cookies “snickerdoodles on steroids.” If that doesn’t have you sold, then this might not be the blog post for you.

S’more Sandwich Cookies – Taste of Home

Want to really blow Santa’s (or your family’s) mind? Serve up a plate of these beauties, which reimagine a summertime classic into a unique cookie sandwich.

Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies – Picky Palate

How do you make the already perfect cinnamon roll utterly transcendent? You turn it into a cookie. That’s right; it’s a cinnamon roll cookie. Enough said.

Bacon Chocolate Chip – Knead to Cook

It may sound counter intuitive, but a little dash of salt on your sweets goes a long way. In fact, why stop at salt? Mix some bacon into your chocolate chip cookies and become Santa’s favorite. Plus, you can even eat these at breakfast. They’ve got bacon.

Frosted Red Velvet Cookies – Taste of Home

Red velvet is a popular flavor for a reason, and these cookies demonstrate that reason wonderfully. Moist and rich with a perfect layer of frosting, these red velvet cookies are more than just fun to look at.

Brown Butter Ginger Cookies with Mascarpone Cream – Not Without Salt

These cake-like cookies have the perfect warm, doughy texture to combat winter’s icy grasp. The mascarpone cream adds a perfect touch of refreshing sweetness.

Lemon Crinkle Cookies – Whipper Berry

Sweet, tender, and chewy are words that immediately come to mind when describing these lemon cookies, but how about we come up with a few more? Decadent. Amazing. Refreshing. Life-changing.

Cake Mix Cookie Bars – Blue Cheese Bungalow

Before you scoff at the thought of using boxed cake mix, consider two things. One, these are some of the easiest cookies you’ll ever make. And two, they’re super delicious. Plus you can make it holiday-themed by using red and green candy coated chocolate pieces!

Cranberry Cookies with Browned Butter Glaze – Taste of Home

If you get a little overloaded with chocolate, why not give these cranberry cookies a spin? The browned butter glaze ensures you get the richness you crave, while the presence of fruit will make you feel a little better after downing eight in a row!

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