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First Time Homebuyers

Do I Need a REALTOR® When I Buy My First Home?
What to expect when you choose Watson Realty Corp

Many first-time home buyers ask, “Do I need a real estate professional to help me find a house?”  The answer is “Yes.” It is not a good idea to venture into the home buying process without the know-how of a real estate expert.

Watson Realty Corp has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable, established real estate firms from Northeastern and Central Florida to Southern Georgia.  We advise you on local neighborhoods and new listings that best match the features you’ve always dreamed about in your first home.

Buying and selling real estate is no easy matter.  No two listings are identical; one transaction differs from the next.  Each state and city may have its own unique set of rules and regulations.  Watson Realty Corp associates are well-trained in every aspect of our local real estate markets.  We are continually recognized as the most successful real estate professionals in our area.

We will represent you and ONLY you during the buying process putting your priorities ahead of all others.  We will serve you with integrity, innovation, and loyalty.

Why you should select a Watson Realty Corp agent for the purchase of your first home:

  • We are real estate experts ready to guide you through the purchase of your first home.
  • We will supply you with objective information and provide professional advice.
  • It is our duty to locate the best property to suit your needs.
  • You will benefit from our home buying negotiation experience.
  • We understand the local real estate market and speak the “language”.
  • We have a vast amount of real estate experience from Northeastern and Central Florida to Southern Georgia.
  • We will behave in a professional and ethical manner.

 Watson Realty Corp’s goal is to provide Complete Customer Satisfaction with every transaction.

Shopping for a Lender
Watson Mortgage Corp is ready to fulfill your mortgage loan needs

You’ll more than likely need financing when you buy your first home. 

Did you know it is possible to shop for a lender the same way you do for a house? Your challenge may not necessarily be in finding a mortgage lender, but in sorting through the numerous banks, online lenders, and mortgage brokers ready to take your loan application.

How you choose to finance your first home is one of life’s most important decisions.

Watson Realty Corp along with Watson Mortgage Corp helps you realize your dream of home ownership by helping you make the best possible financing decision for your personal needs.

Watson Mortgage Corp has the ability to issue a mortgage lending decision quickly, to fund and close your mortgage loan on time, every time.  We give you the needed confidence to “sign on the dotted line” when you find a home.  Watson Mortgage Corp has provided legendary customer service to home buyers since 1994.

Watson Mortgage Corp is committed to making you feel “Right at Home.” Our flexibility insures customized loan programs for customer satisfaction and peace of mind.  Watson Mortgage Corp is a direct and local lender with an experienced Loan Origination Department ready to serve your needs.

 Characteristics of a good mortgage lender:

  • Will conduct a thorough interview process to assess your personal financial needs.
  • Will be available to answer questions in a professional and knowledgeable manner.
  • Will be committed to finding the right loan for your individual situation.
  • Will be ethical and professional.
  • Will be an excellent communicator returning phone calls, answering emails, and keeping you informed during all steps of the mortgage funding process.

Watson Realty Corp along with Watson Mortgage Corp guides you during your first-time home buying process from loan pre-qualification to closing day.

Getting Pre-Approved for a Loan
Loan pre-approval makes a difference

Buying your first home should not begin with the home search process.  It should begin with the pre-qualification and pre-approval processes for obtaining a mortgage loan. 

Watson Realty Corp along with Watson Mortgage Corp, a direct and local Florida-based lender, has the ability to control all steps in the loan process from loan pre-qualification to closing.

One pitfall many first-time home buyers experience is assuming being pre-qualified and pre-approved for a loan are one in the same.  They are not. 

Pre-qualification is the initial step in the loan approval process.  You supply your lender with the “big picture” of your financial position:  debt, income, and assets.  After your mortgage lender reviews your information, they will supply you with a general idea about the amount of the loan for which you may qualify.  The pre-qualification process does not include an in-depth review of your credit report.  Because pre-qualification is based solely on information you supply to your lender, the pre-qualified amount is not a guarantee of funding.

Loan pre-approval means a lender has evaluated your financial income and credit score and has made a commitment to extend a loan to you up to a certain dollar value. 

There are many reasons why you should get pre-approved for a loan: the most important is you’ll know which homes you can afford and which homes you cannot before you start the search process.

Being pre-approved for a loan gives you a competitive edge over other house hunters in your real estate market because you’re negotiating with a stronger offer.  Does a loan pre-approval guarantee you will automatically win your dream home?  No, but if a lender pre-approves you, you can be reasonably sure your offer will at least be considered.   

Working in cooperation with Watson Realty Corp and Watson Mortgage Corp, you can feel confident that once you find your dream home, the Watson Team can help turn that dream into a reality.

Making the Right Choice for Your First Home
Watson Realty Corp Helps You Make the Right Decision

You’ve heard it before, the most important thing to consider when buying a home is:  location, location, location.   Watson Realty Corp associates share their knowledge, professional advice, and years of real estate experience to help you make your first-time home buying decision.

Targeting Your Territory

We will help you determine where you want to live by focusing on the details and characteristics of that city and its neighborhoods.  Make a wish list of “must haves” and “would like to haves” when choosing a location. 

Think about neighborhood details like:

  •  Drive time to work
  • Accessibility to highways and public transportation
  • Proximity to shopping, churches, day care facilities, recreation and entertainment
  • Reputation of area school systems
  • Crime statistics

Once you’ve compiled your list, drive through the neighborhoods at different times of the day.  Are roads congested before and after school?  Do neighbors seem to interact pleasantly with each other?  Are streets well-lit?  Viewing an area at different times gives insight into daily life in that neighborhood.

 Determining What Type of Home Will Work for You

Decide what type of home will best fit your lifestyle. Think about your plans for the next five years. Will you start a family?  Will aging parents move in with you?  Will you lease a portion of your home as an investment property?  There are numerous housing types to choose from including:

  • Single-family homes.Single-family homes are free-standing residential residences built on lots larger than the building itself usually occupied by one family.
  • Condominiums. Condominiums are single-unit residences within a multi-unit property location.
  • Multi-family homes.Multi-family homes are typically two- to four-residence properties used both as a personal residence and/or investment property.

Prioritizing Your Preferences
Make a list of “must have” and “would like to have” features you would like in your new home.  While no house will have everything you want, your dream home should match as many items as possible on your checklist.

Take your wish list with you when touring potential homes to help evaluate each place.  The more details of the house that matches items on your wish list, the happier you’ll be after buying your home.

Searching for your dream home is far easier when enlisting the services of Watson Realty Corp.  Watson’s vast experience in the local area can provide you with local market trend knowledge, property details and conditions, home search assistance, and other aspects of first-time home buying to make your experience hassle free.

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Watson Mortgage Corp. is an approved lender for the Florida Bond program which offers down payment and/or closing cost assistance. You can view more details on the program at their website: Florida Bond Loan Program.Watson Mortgage Corp. also underwrites VA, FHA and Conventional Loans.