The Spookiest Halloween Attractions in St. Augustine, FL

The Spookiest Halloween Attractions in St. Augustine, FL

Posted October 23, 2019 in Northeast Florida Your Neighborhood

Any city that’s been around for as long as St. Augustine is bound to have its share of spooky corners to explore. That holds true for the country’s oldest city; there’s so much frightful fun to have here come October! Check out these Halloween attractions in St. Augustine, FL for a terrifyingly good time.

Dark of the Moon Tour

St. Augustine’s famous red-tipped lighthouse is one of the city’s most popular landmarks. It’s also notoriously haunted, having been featured on CNN, Fox News, and even TAPS Ghost Hunters. Discover the lighthouse’s paranormal residents on the Dark of the Moon Tour or interact with them on one of the more exclusive Investigation Only tour.

Dead Walk

Want to discover what still lurks in the darkest and most forgotten parts of St. Augustine? Then grab your K2 Electromagnetic field monitors, steel your nerves, and secure your spot on the 90-minute Dead Walk tour.

Creatures of the Night

For one of the more family friendly Halloween attractions in St. Augustine, FL, check out Creatures of the Night at the Alligator Farm. Kids will love costuming up and hunting down collectible creature cards throughout the zoo, while the whole family can enjoy the hands-on interactions with the park’s creepiest critters.

History, Mystery, Mayhem, & Murder Tour

Sometimes, real life can be just as terrifying as fictional horror stories. So even though the History, Mystery, Mayhem, & Murder Tour warns you it is explicitly not a ghost tour, the macabre and lurid historical tales you’ll learn about make it a worthy Halloween attraction all the same.

Ghostly Experience Nightly Tour

But if ghost tours are exactly what you’re after, why not go for the oldest and best? You’ll tip-toe through haunted back alleys guided only by the soft glow of lantern light as you learn about the city’s gruesome past and the ghosts it left behind on this award-winning tour. Keep your eyes peeled for supernatural shadows or strange orbs of light; it’s all evidence of the paranormal that many tourgoers have experienced.

Haunted Waters: Spirits on the Schooner

St. Augustine has been around so long, even its water is haunted. We’re only half joking; hop aboard the Schooner Freedom and let Captain Andy Wiggins bewitch you with tales of the country’s most haunted seaside. Like many of the attractions on this guide, Haunted Waters bases all its ghastly stories on St. Augustine’s own grim history.

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