2019 and Beyond Smart Home Trends

2019 and Beyond Smart Home Trends

Posted August 27, 2019 in Real Estate

It doesn’t seem that long ago that robotic vacuums that automatically cleaned your floors seemed like a novel invention. Now, with just about every gadget and appliance in your house capable of being automated and made smart, those little robot floor sweepers seem charmingly quaint. But what’s next for your home? In 2019, the Internet of Things is ever growing, and we’re here to help you sift through the mountainous pile of smart tech and intelligent gadgets and see just where things are heading. These are the smart home trends of 2019 and beyond.

Voice Activation is King

A study released in March 2019 revealed that more than a quarter of adults in the U.S. own a smart speaker. And with more and more devices becoming compatible with these speakers, it’s clear that voice activation is here to stay. All you’ll need to turn on the AC, dim the lights, or play your favorite song (and so much more) are a few words.

Everything’s Getting Smarter

Here’s a smart home trend you probably don’t need us to tell you about: everything in your home is getting smart. Refrigerators, thermostats, televisions, and more have increased their digital functionality in recent years, and that trend is swiftly expanding to other items in your home.

Smart mirrors and wardrobes will show you the weather, your daily agenda, and even help you pick out a look or outfit. Backsplashes with touchscreens allow you to pull up recipes or play your favorite podcast while cooking. Smart mattresses will adjust on-the-fly to you by, say, raising your head to reduce snoring.

Just about every gadget or appliance in your home is getting bigger brains to help make your daily life a little easier.

A New Age in Home Security

Protecting your home is getting easier and more reliable with the rise of two key innovations: smarter sensors and smarter cameras.

As cameras get more intelligent, they’re able to utilize artificial intelligence to distinguish people from animals and objects and even recognize specific individuals. Combined with smart doorbells and locks that can recognize you and your family, these tools give you a leg up on potential home invaders.

Advanced sensors, meanwhile, help protect your home from internal threats. Flo is a system created by Moen designed to monitor water leaks. It uses a sensor attached to your home’s main water line to detect and notify you of minor and major leaks and shut off the line before disaster strikes. Other similar devices include ones designed to monitor for termite infestations and alert you to the threat before they have a chance to wreak havoc.

The Robots are Coming

Like we mentioned in the intro to this post, robot vacuums were one of the earliest and most familiar robotic additions to the household. Bots are doing more and more around the house already with the rise of automated lawn mowers and window cleaners, but the adoption rate is still relatively low. However, the Consumer Technology Association believes those numbers figure to rise in the coming years as 58% of consumers surveyed said they’d welcome robots to help with household chores.

Your Home Adapts to You

One of the key selling points of any smart device is how it learns your habits over time and adapts to better suit your lifestyle. Smart thermostats, for example, already recognize your temperature preferences and will start the AC when you get home in the evenings.

Expanding beyond this, new mattresses will be able to monitor your sleep cycle and wake you up based the deepness of your sleep. Smart alarm clocks with aromatherapy features can sense when you’re sleeping lightly and release an energizing scent to get you ready to face the day. Locks on your front door can recognize you and unlock on approach, helpful for when you’re hauling an armful of groceries.

As your house grows smarter, expect more and more devices to pick up on your habits and adjust accordingly. With this adaptability will come a house that truly feels like your home.

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