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  • 7 Awesome Bookstores in Jacksonville

    by Watson Realty | Dec 06, 2017

    What better way to spend a chilly winter night than snuggling up with a hot beverage and a good book? Sure, Florida isn’t exactly a frozen tundra during the cold months, but there’s no denying the joy of a relaxing night in and getting lost in a new page-turner.

    With so many novels to choose, from across hundreds of genres, the biggest challenge might just be finding the next book to dive into. Luckily, there are a few awesome local bookstores beyond the typical big-name chains in Jacksonville where you can discover your next literary obsession. 

    Chamblin Bookmine
    4551 Roosevelt Boulevard
    215 North Laura Street

    Chamblin Bookmine is a used book institution in Jacksonville. The ancient bookstore has been serving voracious readers since 1976 with an inventory sitting at more than two million books. Chamblin claims its inventory is 98% used and rare books, so it might be the perfect spot to unearth a few classics you can’t find anywhere else.

    San Marco Bookstore
    1971 San Marco Boulevard

    This cute bookstore is a staple in the charming San Marco neighborhood, and for good reason. Within its cozy walls, you’ll find a massive selection of new and used books, unique kids toys, Papyrus greeting cards, and plenty of friendly allure that makes San Marco such a special neighborhood.

    The BookMark
    220 1st Street

    Originally established in Atlantic Beach in 1990 before moving a few blocks south to Neptune Beach, The BookMark is one of the premier independent bookstores located in Jacksonville’s beaches region. Browse The BookMark’s carefully curated selection of new fiction, non-fiction, and more the next time you’re in need of a beachside reading session.

    Superhero Hive/Superhero Beach
    Superhero Hive: 2724 Park Street
    Superhero Beach: 1124 North 3rd Street

    Maybe you’re looking for reading material that’s of the caped crusader variety? If that’s the case, check out Superhero Hive and Superhero Beach. The Riverside-situated Hive and its sister location at the beach offer the week’s newest comics alongside dozens of classic books like Marvel, DC, Image, and so much more.

    Black Sheep Books
    9735 Old St. Augustine Road, Suite 20

    Black Sheep Books boasts a collection of gently used books spanning all genres and styles. Its cozy atmosphere and homely decorations make for a comfortable browsing experience for any bookworm.

    Gotham City Limits
    3733 Southside Boulevard, Suite 7

    Gotham City Limits is another of Jacksonville’s popular comic book destinations. This haven for all things superhero and sci-fi has comic books, graphic novels, and manga in spades, plus a huge selection of collectibles covering just about every corner of fandom. Gotham City Limits recently announced a change in management, so now’s the time to pay this revitalized comic shop a visit!

    2nd & Charles
    4972 Town Center Pkwy. Suite 100

    2nd & Charles is a new addition to the bustling St. Johns Town Center, having just opened its doors in September 2017. This sprawling superstore is the closest you’ll find to a chain on this list, but 2nd & Charles has enough personality and independent spirit to earn its spot here. In addition to towering rows of new and used books, 2nd & Charles expands its offerings to everything from movies and vinyl records to retro video games and niche collectibles.