14 Bathroom Hacks for Increased Storage Space, Cleaning Tricks, & More

14 Bathroom Hacks for Increased Storage Space, Cleaning Tricks, & More

Posted September 11, 2020 in Your Home

The last time we talked about home hacks, we shared 15 tips and tricks to upgrade your cooking game in the kitchen. This time, we’re dishing out bathroom hacks. Read on for everything from clever storage tips to homemade air fresheners to keep your bathroom smelling great all day long.

Transform Spice Racks into Shampoo Holders

While they may hold garlic salt and dried basil in your kitchen, spice racks can also make excellent storage shelves for shampoo bottles, soaps, and anything else you don’t want cluttering your countertop.

Use Vinegar to Clean Showerheads

De-gunk your showerheads with a small plastic bag full of vinegar. Fasten the bag to the showerhead with a small elastic band and let it sit for an hour. Give it a rinse and a polish after removing the bag and voila!

A More Elegant Toothpaste Solution

If you’re sick of squeezing the tube to get that last bit of toothpaste and the mess they can leave behind, try putting your toothpaste in a soap pump bottle. Just clean the soap out first.

Save Space with this Trash Can Hack

Is your trash can taking up too much space in your bathroom? Screw a couple of anchors into the inside of one of your cabinet doors and hang your can!

Smart Storage for Hair Dryers and Curling Irons

These essential tools create many a storage headache, but they don’t have to. Installing a magazine holder creates a space-saving way to store your appliances.

Turn Your Bathroom into an Ironing Board

Bring your wrinkled clothes into the bathroom during a hot shower and enjoy wrinkle-free garments without the hassle of ironing!

Use Cups and Jars as Organizational Tools

Mount a small rack on the wall and affix empty cups or jars on the front, and just like that, you’ve got some nifty storage for makeup brushes, cotton swabs, and more.

Place Silverware Trays in Bathroom Drawers

You know those trays you use in the kitchen to organize your silverware? They can be equally as effective in your bathroom drawers to prevent messiness.

Use Magnetic Strips to Keep Track of Small Items

Tired of chasing after loose bobby pins, tweezers, and other small metal items? Apply a magnetic strip to the back of your door or wall and never lose a bobby pin again.

Add a Second Shower Rack for More Storage

Soap, face wash, shampoo, conditioner; all these bottles can take up a lot of room. Instead of fiddling with overcrowded built-in shelving, consider adding a second shower rack and hanging smaller baskets for storage from it.

Clean Soap Scum with Dryer Sheets

Give the harsh chemicals a break and use dryer sheets to wipe away soap scum easily.

Eradicate Clogs from Drains with Alka-Seltzer®

Remove the drain cover, drop in a couple tabs of Alka-Seltzer®, and wash it down with a bit of vinegar for a squeaky-clean drain.

Eucalyptus Branches Make a Great Air Freshener

Hang a few branches of eucalyptus around your shower head or somewhere nearby for a natural air-freshener. The steam from your shower will carry the scent through the room.

Amplify Your Speakers

Want to play music or a podcast from your phone during a shower but don’t have a Bluetooth speaker to pump out loud enough sound? Try placing your phone in a dry sink or in a dry bowl to amplify sound you can hear even over the shower head’s mist.

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