12 Socially Distant Halloween Ideas

12 Socially Distant Halloween Ideas

Posted October 26, 2020 in Your Home

Even though spooky season is thoroughly underway, there’s still a need to follow safety guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy. While that means the landscape of Halloween looks a little different, it doesn’t mean you can’t still get your creepy kicks this October. Here are some creative, socially distant Halloween ideas!

Create a Candy Graveyard

Use novelty skeleton bones to create a path that stops at individual graves full of candy! Go wild decorating to give each station a unique flair and your trick-or-treaters will have a blast stocking up on candy in a safe, socially distant way.

Carve Pumpkins as a Family

This is a pretty common activity that many families already do. But this year, it might take on a new significance as we look for ways to celebrate Halloween safely. With that in mind, a trip to a pumpkin patch followed by carving spooky (or silly!) designs all night might be the perfect option. Turn on a scary movie and snack on some candy to really amplify the atmosphere.

Ghost Your Neighbors

Not in the online dating sense, of course. Rather, this Halloween consider ghosting your neighbors – in other words, create goodie bags full of treats and leave them on your neighbors’ doorsteps with a friendly note to pass it on. See how far you can keep the “haunt” going!

Make Custom Halloween Facemasks

If you are going out for Halloween, it’s wise to still mask up. Why not get in the spirit of things by designing your own custom Halloween masks? Check out these designs for inspiration then get started on your own macabre masterpiece!

Trick-or-Treat at Home

Instead of going door-to-door in your neighborhood, go door-to-door in your own home! Set up different bowls of candy in separate rooms, then decorate each door with a unique spooky theme. Play some Halloween music and sounds for creepy ambiance, and you’ve got your very own trick-or-treat route at home!

Bake Halloween Treats Together

This one’s great with younger kids who are eager to help out in the kitchen. Get the whole gang together to whip up some awesome Halloween-themed goodies…and then eat them. The goodies, of course.

Get a Tarot Card Reading

What better time than Halloween to get in touch with your spiritual side and catch a glimpse into your future? For extra fun, hire an expert to give you a tarot reading over a video call.

Throw a Costume Parade

With socially distant spacing, a costume parade through the neighborhood is a great way to get in the Halloween spirit! You can set up candy station stops along the parade route so trick-or-treaters can still get their sweet fix while showing off their costumes.

Put a Spin on Easter Egg Hunts

Instead of hiding plastic or painted eggs, sneak some goodie bags with glow-in-the-dark stickers affixed to them throughout the house and backyard. Once it’s dark, give your kiddos a flashlight and set them on the hunt.

Throw a Virtual Costume Contest

The best part of Halloween is dressing up, right? Well we’re not going to let 2020 take that from us. Dress up in your favorite costume or create a brand new one, then show it off to friends and family with a virtual costume contest.

Have a Scary Movie Night

If you aren’t already spending every night in October watching horror movies (explain yourself), schedule time to watch a few scary flicks and eat some tasty snacks!

Tell Scary Stories

Gather the family and have everyone share their own scary story. For bonus atmosphere, recite your tales around a campfire in the backyard!

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