11 Fall Decorating Tips

11 Fall Decorating Tips

Posted October 9, 2019 in Your Home

Florida weather may not conjure up feelings of a blissful autumn even in October, but to many of us, that doesn’t matter. Fall Is Life, after all. Even if the leaves don’t put on the same vibrant show as they do in the North and we have to wait a little longer for cooler temperatures, you can still outfit your home with a fall-inspired look to get you in the spirit. Get started with these 11 fall decorating tips.

Pumpkins Everywhere

Whether real or fake, you can’t go wrong with pumpkins when decorating for fall. Use them as anchors for large set pieces or space them out throughout your home. Even just a few can create fall vibes anywhere.

fall decorating ideas

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Embrace Warm Colors

Rich hues like brown, burnt orange, green, yellow, and even magenta are great fall colors – especially when you go for the darker shades. Play with patterns and different mixtures to create an eye-pleasing look.

Break Out the Crafting Supplies

Eager for a new crafting project? Tackle this button art candy corn piece or make a turkey out of a decorative gourd. Create your own miniature pumpkin patch complete with DIY sign and handmade pumpkins made from long-sleeve t-shirts. The possibilities are endless!

fall decorating ideas

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Fill up Your Mason Jars

Mason jars are a perfect decorative piece. Fill them up with any number of seasonal item – candy corn, real corn, acorns, just to name a few – and arrange them for an easy DIY piece of décor.

Employ Accents

For areas of the home you don’t want to completely redecorate like, say, your bedroom, accents can have just as much of an impact as a full redesign. Mix in throw pillows or other small items with fall colors and patterns to create a pleasing contrast with the rest of the room.

Experiment with Candles

If you’re anything like us, all your favorite fall-scented candles have been burning since October 1. But further experimentation with colors can liven up any room. Go for colors like deep velvet or bold green to add a touch of modernity to your autumn decorations.

Wear Your Wreath Proudly

Fall is prime wreath season! Dress up your front door with a wreath basked in rich, warm autumn colors and staples of the season like pumpkins or pinecones.

Make Your Own Centerpiece

You don’t have to spend a ton of money for the perfect centerpiece. In fact, you can easily make your own with just a few flowers – go for zinnias, dahlias, chrysanthemums, and other fall blooms – some ornamental grass, and a cute planter to hold it all. For added texture, fill in blank spaces with berry branches.

Design the Perfect Fall Porch

Let visitors know they’re entering a fall paradise the second they see your front porch by mixing DIY décor like the ones we’ve mentioned above with store-bought items like throw pillows and other decorative pieces. Accent your existing outdoor furniture and doors with long garlands, wreaths, larger gourds, lanterns, and more.

fall decorating ideas

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Clad in Plaid

As far as patterns go, it’s hard to find a better workhorse in fall than plaid. Plaid’s a great tone-setter for all your décor, and you can mix color schemes to spice things up.

Celebrate with Harvest Décor

We’ve already covered the all-around greatness of gourds, but there’s more harvest décor you can employ throughout your home. A simple sheaf of wheat in a decorative jar is the perfect item to dress up a mantel, while stylish cornstalks organized symmetrically next to the front door create a picture-perfect entryway.

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